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How Much Does a California Closets Custom Garage Cost?

Jan 30, 2024

After you put all the holiday decorations away you may have made a silent (or not-so-silent!) vow to yourself that this is the year you get your garage organized and under control! We’re pretty sure this was a collective New Year resolution throughout Southern California. Of course, no time is better than now, but you’re going to be faced with some decisions to make, like what do I really need, who should I call and how much will it cost? There are a variety of options in Orange County, but some tend to run more expensive than others and upon deeper investigation, don’t provide as much service as those that may cost less. We’ve put our sleuthing hat on and can describe in detail what you will and will not get with some companies – starting first with California Closets.


Apples to apples

We priced out a comparable garage solution that both Cabinets Plus and California Closets build. The price difference was a whopping $2,000 difference! What is this company providing that Cabinets Plus isn’t to justify such an inequity in price?


Is delivery faster?

No, it’s not. In fact, Cabinets Plus will build and deliver your custom garage cabinets in as little as two weeks. California Closets can take up to five weeks. That’s a lot of time impatiently waiting to organize your garage.


Is assembly the same?

Again, no, it’s not. Cabinets Plus will custom-build and assemble your cabinets in its Orange County manufacturing facility where California Closets performs much of the final assembly on-site. Benefits of our process? When all the building and assembling is done in a professional manufacturing location, your cabinets are less prone to damage that can occur when assembling them onsite on your garage floor or driveway.


Does Cabinets Plus have a local showroom?

If seeing and touching the cabinets you’re in for a treat. Cabinets Plus has a fantastic drop-in showroom centrally and conveniently located in Orange County right of the 55 freeway and offers lots of parking. In our well-appointed showroom you can have a helpful experience talking to experts and seeing finished garage solutions.


Family-owned and operated since 1988, Cabinets Plus is an Orange County, California-based cabinet manufacturer that specializes in building beautiful and practical residential and commercial custom storage solutions. All manufacturing is done in Orange County by experts using modern and precise equipment. Visit www.cabinetsplus.net or call 949-536-9340 for more information and a free design consultation.

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