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Five Compelling Reasons for Custom Closets

Apr 18, 2023

Does your day involve digging through clothes, toys, books, craft supplies or shoes to find what you’re looking for? Do your closets make you just want to close the door? Do sporting balls bounce and roll across the floor whenever you walk through the garage? These are all telltale signs that it’s time…. time to invest in custom closet solutions for your home and garage. And if these reasons aren’t enough, here are some more to consider.


Improved Organization

One of the primary benefits of a custom closet is immediate and improved organization. Custom closet systems are measured, planned and designed to your specific storage needs and can include features like shelving, hanging rods and built-in drawers. With a custom closet, you can easily organize your clothes, shoes and accessories, making it easier to find what you need and saving you time throughout the day.


Increased Storage Space

Our closet systems are designed to make the most of the space you have, even in small or awkwardly shaped closets. In fact, our designers love the creativity and challenge of perfecting an awkward space! With design features like adjustable shelving, pull-out drawers, stepped cabinets and built-ins our team will maximize your storage space to make sure everything has a place.


Enhanced Home Value

If you’re searching for a new home there is a tangible reaction between opening the door of a traditional closet packed to the brim versus entering a custom closet with beautiful storage solutions. It’s nearly certain the latter will woo you. As a seller, a feature such as professionally installed closets could add value to your home or at the very least be the difference between a buyer purchasing yours over someone else’s.


Improved Aesthetics

A custom closet undoubtedly enhances the aesthetics of your home. With options like custom finishes, glass doors, quartz cabinet tops and luxurious hardware, you can create a space that is functional and especially beautiful. Our designers don’t just stop at the structural part of the job. They will suggest finishes to enhance the entire area such as custom lighting, flooring and paint colors.



Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of a custom closet is the ability to personalize it to your liking and lifestyle. With a custom closet, you choose everything – from the layout to the finishes to the accessories. This level of personalization ensures your closet meets your needs and reflects you.


Cabinets Plus is family owned and operated since 1988. We are an Orange County, California-based cabinet manufacturer specializing in constructing beautiful and practical residential and commercial custom storage solutions. All our manufacturing is done in Orange County by experts using modern and precise equipment. Visit www.cabinetsplus.net or call 949-536-9340 for more information and a free design consultation.

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