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Design A Messy-Free Mudroom

Nov 30, 2022

Even though the term “mudroom” can conjure images of haphazard boots and shoes on the floor, coats strewn about and a wet, messy entry area, a well-designed space for entering and exiting your home will be anything but! Think sleek, fresh cabinets, a smart and welcoming design, ample storage space and no clutter underfoot – you’ll be overjoyed every time you come in or leave your home. The benefits of keeping this critical space organized are multiple, and a thoughtful layout will certainly make your day-to-day life much easier! Ask yourself these questions as you work with one of our professional designers to plan out your mudroom area.


Who is using this area?

Are you constructing this area with all teenagers and adults in the house, or do you have younger, school aged children? If the latter, build to their height so your kids will be able and excited to use this space to stay organized. Install hooks and pegs at variable height along benches for sitting and putting on shoes and sports gear. You can even customize the design, so each person has their own personal space.


Do you need to hide items?

If one of the reasons this room is needed is to keep your home clutter free – and that likely is your number one reason!! – have your designer plan for hidden storage like bench seats that open, extra cabinets, lockers, upper shelving, etc. Our designers are highly skilled at creating a space that is functional and secretly packed with storage capabilities.


Where should your mudroom go?

Ideally this space should be near an entry into your home. Popular existing spots include a room off the kitchen, laundry rooms with exterior doors or the garage. If you’re really pressed for space, you can consider constructing an entirely new one, which has the additional benefit of increase square footage in your home. No matter where you decide, the area can be as elaborate or simple as you choose, but in all cases, functional and useful.


How is this room being used?

Think carefully and discuss with your designer how your mudroom will be used. Will it serve multiple functions like a pet cleaning area, laundry room, utility space, etc., or will it be designated spot strictly for jackets, backpacks and shoes. Once you know it’s true purpose you can select your finishes and cabinetry based on whether it needs to be more rugged or simply beautiful.


Make your mudroom pretty!

Just because this space is technically a catch-all, it does not mean it can’t be a beautiful space. Options from bright white cabinetry to natural woods are available as are beautiful finishing hardware. You can paint or paper this area lovely colors that complement the adjoining space or give the area its own vibe using bright pops of color and whimsical accessories. Visit our website to see what others in your community have designed.


Cabinets Plus is family owned and operated since 1988. We are an Orange County, California-based cabinet manufacturer specializing in constructing beautiful and practical residential and commercial custom storage solutions. All our manufacturing is done in Orange County by experts using modern and precise equipment. Visit www.cabinetsplus.net or call 949-536-9340 for more information and a free design consultation.

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