Cabinets Plus is one of the top cabinet manufacturers in the country – and for good reason. We’re experts at our craft and we listen to our customers. It’s really that simple.

At Cabinets Plus, our state-of-the-art machinery ensures precise cuts and edges. Our saw blades are sharpened and changed every day and our tooling is checked and rechecked to make sure no chipping or blemishes occur. And once it’s time to build, we do so at our shop, not at your house. This ensures a level foundation for building a square cabinet.

With all humility aside, our quality manufacturing really does set us apart from other cabinet suppliers. We reinforce all of our cabinets from the bottom with a toe kick, and shelves over 36” have a 3” stiffener to eliminate any sagging. We also provide you with 4 shelves in our tall cabinets, the most in the industry. Last but certainly not least, our cabinets all come with backing as a standard, not an upgrade. This matters because backing matters! Backing is important to a cabinet because it provides strength and prevents cracking. Our backing material is all double-sided industrial particle board with 120-gram melamine (anything less might show some bleeding or graying).

Curious to learn more about our cabinet manufacturing process? We invite you to visit our Irvine showroom and factory to view our quality workmanship in person.